Bible study: Genesis 1-3

Image may contain: indoorI have felt a tugging at my soul. God whispering for me to create a physical place for Him in my home. Not a shrine or alter, no. A place to sit with Him, to talk with Him. For reflection and study and prayer. So, today I did just that, giving our spare room to the Lord. Of course He knows that He is welcome in our entire house…but this will be a special place, a meeting room. He’s been telling me to dive into the Word- His words- deeper than I have ever before- which honestly, hasn’t ever been as deep as it should. With the room set with intention and all distractions closed away behind the door, I opened a new, unmarked Bible. Join me, if you wish, as I read through the greatest book with fresh eyes and a receptive heart. I pray that my notes and observations will shine a bit of Light into the dark, that maybe He will say through me what needs to be heard. 

Let there be light!

I find it amazing that the first words God speaks in the Bible is this simple command. Let there be light. Not a mention of “I” or “Me” or even “We”. Just a command into the darkness: He wants light…before anything else. We should be light before we worry about being anything else. If we follow His command, and send out light and good before all else, He will use every bit of it for His miracles- just as He did on that first day. Darkness simply can not exist where there is light. Sure, it may lurk somewhere beneath the surface, but it can never fully overtake it, unless we allow it. God didn’t want darkness then and He certainly doesn’t want it now.

Be fruitful and multiply.

I know that this is usually interpreted as “have a bunch of babies” but what if there is another meaning? What if instead, we multiply the fruits of the Spirit? Now, I know I said that I was going to be reading with fresh eyes, and there hasn’t been a mention of those fruits yet…but I do already know about them, so here is my theory. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control– these are the fruits of the Spirit. The best way to be fruitful and multiply is to take each of these “fruits” and multiply them so much that there is an over-abundance. How beautiful would that be?! Let’s throw them around like confetti! Pick just one each day and shower it upon everyone that you meet- BLESS THIS WORLD’S ACHING HEART AND DO IT ABUNDANTLY – what could be better than that?

God blessed the 7th day and made it holy.

This one might be a little tough for some, but it is oh so necessary. If God Himself needed a rest day, a time to breathe and reflect on the life that He was creating- then SO DO WE. I know that maybe you are working 2 (or 3) jobs and I know that there’s housework and children and relationships and pets and so many bills to pay. Trust me, I know. But give yourself a “7th day”. Whatever that may look like for you. Push the pause button and rest your mind, your body. Your weary soul. Allow God to make it a Holy time.

Man and Woman.

Believe it or not, men and women are not the same. Also- WE ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. God did not create us to be the same- He didn’t even create us in the same way! He held dust in His hands, blew Holy breath into it and made Adam. He then removed a rib from Adam, an actual piece of him, and created Eve. We were formed in different ways and we have different strengths and weaknesses, different purposes, but when put together with our “soulmate” we will complete each other. We truly need each other as we are created. Please please please be patient in the Lord, trust that He did not make a mistake with you, and He will make sure that you are complete.

Of good and evil.

Choices. They only really fall into 2 categories: Good and Bad. That has been true since the beginning. Eve, unfortunately, made the first bad choice and we have been paying for it ever since. But, we are all sinners, each and every one of us and we all make good AND bad choices. What if, for every bad choice we make, we turn right around (if possible) and make 5 good ones? Ask for forgiveness, pray for grace and then do what needs to be done. Satan is going to throw temptations right smack in your face. He’s going to make it damn near impossible for you to say no, just as he did when he lied to Eve and told her it wouldn’t kill her to eat of the tree of knowledge…it didn’t kill her on the spot, but it certainly changed the life that the Lord had planned for her. I pray with my whole heart that none of the bad choices that I have made have changed His plan for me or anyone else. We are not meant to know all that He knows, until He alone chooses to reveal it to us. We are meant to be the light, to be fruitful and to make all of the good choices.


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