Breathing Room.

Have you ever felt like you were beginning to suffocate? It’s scary isn’t it? Scary and maybe a bit eye-opening? I’ve been feeling this way for several months now…and not just because work has been hectic, not just because in the past year or so, our modest 2 bedroom house has morphed into it’s own episode of hoarders…not just because I have no time or energy for church or chores… not just because of some of this, but because of all of it. My mind, body, spirit and home have become so cluttered, so out-of-whack, that life as I know it has slipped off balance. Going forward in this space, I will be documenting my journey to inner and outer peace, to calm, to wide open and spacious. I will remove the clutter, layer by layer in our home and in my soul, until the Spirit of Jesus is completely free to roam as He pleases. Because, I know that only He can bring true peace, true calm…and He can only do so if we make room for Him. Prayer Request: to end the cycle of exhausted procrastination and to regain the joy that a home should provide. To create a work/life balance that blesses instead of traps.

Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire. ~Wendell Berry

Just a glimpse: This is what should be our Dining Room…but could be a photo of every room. Every effort to “spring clean” has really just been shuffling the piles of crap from one place to another. I don’t share this for any reason other than to be honest with myself. 

Clutter is found in so many shapes and sizes. We can find it on our kitchen tables, under our beds, in our cars, and in our heads. ~Katrina Mayer


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