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167 lbs… that’s what the scale told me this morning. It’s Day 4 of eating Keto and I really effed up yesterday. Face palm. I was watching my 5 year old nephew, still on his Christmas holiday, and we went to the movies. I was completely unprepared and had to eat a hotdog and popcorn, washed down with a small root beer soda. Nothing Outrageous. But then, back at his house, I let myself eat 2 strawberry poptarts.

After a night of family bowling for husband’s birthday, where I turned down the pizza and had a delicious steak-frites, I had a hard time getting to sleep. I had been dealing with a crick in my neck all day. I managed to finally fall asleep, only to be awakened by an excruciating headache. As I get regular migraines, I simply got up, took a hot shower to help my body relax, popped some midol and crawled back into bed with my trusty icepack. Eventually, I passed out. Woke up today sans headache, but physically tired and congested enough that I couldn’t breathe from my nose. Husband thinks it was yesterdays food choices and not actually the Keto Flu…we shall see. Dinner tonight is crockpot (boneless) pork ribs, carrots roasted in Tessamae’s Italian dressing, and roasted brussels sprouts, with melted provolone on top.

{Disclaimer: I reached my highest weight of 185 last year, and then managed to lose almost 30lbs due to a HIGHLY stressful job…167 is now the highest since that loss.}


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