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I’m 9 days in and ready to take stock of what’s happening so far.

*losing weight, a little at a time, still fluctuates easily though.

*haven’t had any headaches since the night of the crick in my neck.

*TMI WARNING- I’m on cd51 (aka overdue for a “regular” period. With my PCOS, long cycles have been my norm since puberty hit…causing me to be an anomaly that actually enjoys having that time of the month.

*my typically oily/ combination skin is feeling softer, cleaner and more balanced

*TMI WARNING #2 (pun intended)- bowel movements have been interesting. Diarrhea (and more frequent than what they were in the weeks before keto) but not uncomfortable or even smelly *shrug*

*I go longer amounts of time before feeling hungry, doing 12-hour intermittent fasting (i.e. I don’t eat within 12 hours of having dinner.)

*training myself to drink water when I pass thru the kitchen.

*already falling asleep faster, HALLELUJAH.

*did my first yoga session in about a year yesterday.

Overall, I’m feeling good, inspired even. The little bit of progress that I am already feeling makes me very excited for the weeks to come. Also:

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