the first 24 hours.

Since my last post, we have taken our annual family trip to the Colorado Rockies. We always eat well there as our Aunt cooks 99.9% of all the  meals and from organic ingredients. I relaxed, I went to the spa. I didn’t stress about my body.

Now, we’re home and back to our regularly scheduled program.

My keto-loving-bicycle-riding husband asked if I would do a 4-day salt water fast. I was already planning on doing Dr. Gottfried’s 21-day reset…this seemed like a faster option. I’m home these days and able to sleep it off if needed, or to set up camp in the bathroom (as I’ve read that is also a reality)…I said “yes” before I could change my mind.

He realized that he has a race this weekend and decided to put his fast off for a few days. I had already prepared myself mentally. So, here I am a solid 24 hours in and feeling…like I just had to pry myself outta bed. No headache as of yet, and I’ve only heard my stomach rumble a couple times. I’m having a large glass of salt water at meal times and a smaller glass every time I get up, and the occasional herbal tea. When this is done, I will take each day and learn, for the first time, how to nourish my body. Maybe I should research some good nutrition programs? I’ve always wished to be an “expert” on something, why not my own damn body?


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