…and i waited.

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!” Luke 1:45 

As it is the weekend that we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I figured now was as good a time as any to resurrect this old space. The focus will now be set on my journey into motherhood. That’s right- motherhood.

After nearly 15 years of waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) the time for us to be parents has finally come…and our daughter is due to arrive any day now. For those who are curious, here’s how it came to be:

Mother’s Day of last year, I stood in faith and prayer with other “waiting mothers” as my entire church congregation covered us, asking the Lord to open our wombs, to provide us with the children we were longing for. A week or so later, I sent a text to a friend telling her how I had this strong feeling that I would get pregnant and that the child would be a girl. For the month of June I ate a strict “carnivore diet” after doing a ton of fascinating research about it and how it can reset our metabolic screwups… about 3 weeks into July- I conceived our child! No, we weren’t actively trying. We had long since decided que sera sera about when we’d have children. We knew that ultimately it was up to God, not us.

Since this blog will be highlighting how I use my intuition to raise our girl, I’ll leave you with this fun fact: the night before I got my first (very faint) positive pregnancy test, I had a dream. In the dream, we were getting ready to go somewhere and were in a hurry. For whatever reason, I took a test and had to put it in the cabinet to look at later. I woke up before seeing the dream test result and because of the years of PCOS- I took the test that was actually already in the bathroom cabinet. It was so very faint that I took another one 24 hours later and there was no denying that it was positive.

Growing up, I prayed for my future spouse, I prayed for a loving, good marriage. I prayed that I’d know from the very beginning that I was pregnant because I truly wouldn’t want to miss a moment…and there was God, answering in His own timing but also giving me exactly what he’d already placed on my heart. Moral of the story- talk to God. Trust the intuition that He’s given you.

Now, I sit back and wait, believing that this birth will be beautiful and amazing and exactly what we’ve been waiting all these long years for.

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