I was raised in a lower middle class home. Money was always tight, and very rarely discussed. My mother, through no fault of her own, never taught us to budget, meal plan, homemaking. She wasn’t raised in that household. We ate a lot of fast food…which is the opposite of what you should do when money is tight. I have always yearned to be the type of wife and mother that makes the home. That maintains the budget. The one who keeps everything running smoothly so that the husband and children never have to worry. Basically, I’ve dreamed of being the Proverbial Woman. Instead, I’ve failed over and over. I’ve let my upbringing be my downfall and my excuse. So, here we find ourselves, for what feels like the millionth time, with a bank account scarily close to zero and stressing about digging ourselves out of this hole. I am leaning into Jesus and trusting that He will once again provide all that we need, and He has done just that. We are pulling from our 401k to get all debt paid off. I am educating myself on budgeting and biblical homemaking.

I am learning.

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